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Manga Update: Deadman 19, Midnight 30, Tsubasa 209-210, xxxHolic 172


OH SHI—  This woman barely knows Watanuki, but even she knows how awesome he is right now.  The only way he could be fiercer is if he were wearing Aretha Franklin’s bow hat.

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Manga Update: Rough Draft Style


Don’t have a lot of time left before I gotta go on a trip for a couple o’ days, so let’s make this quick and easy:

Change 123 is a series centered around a boy who falls in love with a girl who has muliple personalities, all of whom are amazing fighters.  I blew through 34 chapters in one day, and I’m hoping that more show up sometime soon.  There’s lots of blood and bone-breaking action, but the romance is sweet too.

In Negima Chapter 237, Rakan decides to enter the fighting competition in order to go up against Negi (in Nagi form).  His reasoning is that Negi will have no chance of beating Fate if he can’t beat Rakan, but I think it’s just Akamatsu’s way of saying “Yay, I don’t have to worry about plot for a couple of chapters!”

Midnight Secretary actually had a chapter without sex for once, and instead focused on Kaya’s former boss’s cat.   …On second thought, let’s get back to the sex.

I dropped in quickly on Soul Eater 57.  Black Star’s foot + Mifune’s sword = Oh My.

Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 18, Franken Fran 18-21, Highschool of the Dead 21-22, Midnight Secretary 25, Mirai Nikki 36, TRC 208


Jeez, it’s almost like scanlators planned a huge Christmas week dump of chapters.  Deadman Wonderland continued the plan to get the truth about the prison out to the public, and Crow continues to try to teach Ganta how to make his Branch of Sin move faster. Meanwhile Shiro finally leaves Mockingbird’s side and gets captured by the undertakers along with Karako.  Of course they’re not the only ones providing fanservice this chapter…

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Midnight Secretary – Chapter 24


For at least a month I thought that Midnight Secretary was finished because the chapter I read said “The End” on the last page.  Well I guess it’s just the scanlators translation or their own addition because they’ve done it for at least three consecutive chapters.  In any case, the story’s pretty repetitive now.  Kyouhei acts like a dick, Kaya feels shitty, someone or something dramatic appears, and they have blood sucking sex.  I don’t even know why I still read it, outside of being a constant source of smutty shoujo material.