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Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 48

AHAHAHAHAH YES!  I love that Akise finally dropped the bomb.  Too bad Deus was like, “lol Nope, I programmed you to be hard gay for him”.  But that stirs up a question: Why would Deus make Akise favor Yukiteru?  I understand that Deus has come to like Yukiteru due to his ability to get out of the worst of situations, but Akise was created prior to that.

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Manga Update: Mirai Nikki 43


Well if there was any doubt whether or not Yuuki would keep his new bad boy demeanor, this certainly diminishes it.  He and Yuno shows up where Minene, Nishijima and the others are in order to take down the 11th.  It looks like he still keeps some of his values when it comes to human life, because he hasn’t attacked anyone who’s not involved with the Diary game yet.   Also, I dunno if it’s the art, but he practically looks like an 18 year old now.

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Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 21, Mirai Nikki 39 + Paradox, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 217, xxxHolic 177


Just when you think Nagi’s down for the count…

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You Can Thank Noriko


Yeah, so I got back to school this week, and initially just felt like taking a few days off from blogging.  Unfortunately I’m one of those people who easily get settled in a state, and so I really didn’t have any motivation to start up again.  Then yesterday I finally got to watch the first Gunbuster OVAs, and it got me raring to go again.  I’ll do a seperate review on Gunbuster and Diebuster, but for now, let’s get caught up on some things, rough draft style:

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Manga Update: Bokurano 58-60, Kekkai Sensen, Koukou Debut One Shot, Mirai Nikki 38, xxxHolic 175


Damn, are you serious?

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Manga Update: Koukou Debut FINAL Chapter 52, Mirai Nikki 37, xxxHolic 173


I’ve finally finished one of my favorite shoujo manga series that I’ve come across, and Koukou Debut ends on a fitting note.

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Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 18, Franken Fran 18-21, Highschool of the Dead 21-22, Midnight Secretary 25, Mirai Nikki 36, TRC 208


Jeez, it’s almost like scanlators planned a huge Christmas week dump of chapters.  Deadman Wonderland continued the plan to get the truth about the prison out to the public, and Crow continues to try to teach Ganta how to make his Branch of Sin move faster. Meanwhile Shiro finally leaves Mockingbird’s side and gets captured by the undertakers along with Karako.  Of course they’re not the only ones providing fanservice this chapter…

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