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Yoko Kanno Creates Song of Comfort for Quake & Tsunami Victims

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The song titled Kimi de Ite, Buji de Ite was created by Kanno this week and posted on Youtube in support of those going through the aftermath of the Sendai earthquake.  She was born in Miyagi, one of the prefectures that was hit hard by the tsunami, so this song is surely made from the deepest parts of her heart.  Jpopasia translated the lyrics into English:

Worried, the world is worried about you

Searching for your name

With you, the whole world is with you

Going to meet your life

Your heart and your body unbroken

Until we hold you and see you

Be you, be safe

Maaya Sakamoto’s Official Youtube Channel

THE VOICE ACTING QUEEN OF JAPAN HAS A YOUTUBE CHAAANNEL!  Right now it’s pretty sparse, but more videos should be uploaded as time goes by.  It’d be cool if she puts up her older vids as well.  Oh, and if you’re wondering why she’s the queen:

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AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Manga

Nope, this isn’t the live action cast of the students in Negima.  AKB48 is a super-sized pop girl group in Japan that started in a theater in Tokyo’s Akihabara section.  There’s three teams within the group (A,K,B) with 16 girls per team, and “research” girls who have the opportunity to make their way up the ranks to the main teams.  Plus, there are multiple sub-groups that have spawned, including Not Yet, French Kiss and Itano Tomomi’s solo single.  There are also other “48” girl groups in Nagoya (SKE48) and Osaka (NMB48).  What does this all mean?  Well for one, somebody’s making a shitload of money off these girls, but also that AKB48 has finally hit the mainstream music industry in Japan in a big way.

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Immoralist – Horie Yui PV (Dragon Crisis OP Song)

PV Link (Megavideo)

Ahh, I’ve been waiting for the full version of this song to come out!  Maybe it’s because I just watched Threat Level Midnight on The Office, but the fight choreography in this music video is making me laugh pretty hard.  I think Horie’s doing her own “stunts”, so I can’t knock the action scenes too harshly.  After all, who doesn’t want to kick someone’s ass and get filmed doing it?  Though she should have done a bit better on “hitting” the bad guys – some of those guys were a good foot away from her punches and kicks, but they’re flying back like she went Jackie Chan on their asses.  Oh, and I wish her hair was long like it is for the CD cover in the music video.

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嵐 – The Manga Storm

Arashi is currently one of the biggest pop boy bands in Japan right now, and the group has been around since 1999.  Its five members are not just singers: they’ve long had a presence in TV series, films and their own variety shows.  While they’ve never had any of their songs attached to an anime series, all them have at some point been attached to anime or a Live Action version of a manga series.

This week, several mangaka banded together to produce “Arashi Meets Manga” – a feature section in the Asahi Newspaper that portrays each of the Arashi members in the art style of the series that they acted for.  Below are each portrait, along with other manga series that they have been involved with.

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