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My Trip to Evangelion World + EVA-Themed Hotel Room

This past summer I took a weekend during my study abroad in Japan to go down to the Mt. Fuji area.  On the last day, I headed over to an amusement park called Fuji-Q Highland and visited the new Evangelion World exhibit.  It was probably the biggest anime geek moment of my stay in the country, and I throughly enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures that I snapped (sorry in advance for any blurriness):

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Anime: Hollywood’s Newest Cash Cow


It’s well known that the American film industry has tapped into Asian-based media for remakes and adaptations.  For a while, Hollywood has been content on making crappy re-dos of Asian horror movies, but it looks like audiences can gear up for a wave of live-action anime remakes.  Some might turn out good, more will be bad, and one might never make it to production.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion – Gakuen Datenroku


NGE, like Gurren Lagann, is another extremely successful Gainax series that has the freedom to get many spinoff titles.  The original TV anime never really caught my interest, but I’ve always liked the character of Asuka, so I gave it another chance through the new movies and this school manga series.

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