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Summer ’09 Anime: Last Call


Oh god, I’ve been letting Expo Expo dust over. D:  All the series that aren’t continuing on into the fall season are over now,  and I think Summer ’09 was one of the better seasons for a large quantity of quality shows, which is in stark contrast with the “meh”-ness of the current fall shows.  Spoilers ahead obviously…

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Anime Update: Rough Draft Style


Oh man, if there’s one thing I’ll miss about living on campus it’s having reliable internet access.  Right now my housemates and I are trying to get it up and properly functioning, so I’ll make this quick before my wireless decides to cut out again.  This will also let me get in a couple words on some series that I don’t make constant posts about.

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Shangri-La – Episode 16


It seems this is just a series where the good guys rarely get a break.  Kuniko confronts Nagiko about being one of the co-creators of Atlas, and ultimately banishes Nagiko from Duomo.  I really don’t see the point in doing this right now.  Kuniko could have least pumped Nagiko for information about Atlas before sending her packing, and something tells me that Nagiko never meant for Atlas to be the craphole that it has become.  I’ll assume Nagiko will head to Akihabara since that’s really the only other settlement that’s still standing.  Maybe she’ll shack up with the Three Otaku Oji-sans.

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Shangri-La – Episode 14



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“Just F**king Google It…”


I see that, Gonzo.  It’s nice to know that even in the future, the anime community will still be wrapped around Haruhi.  Although I don’t really mind if it’s Churuya.  Still, it’s a little surprising that Gonzo chose a series that they have had no part in producing.

Spring 2009: The Great – Shangri-La, Ristorante Paradiso, Eden of the East


I finally finished viewing all the new shows for this season that looked interesting, and I’m glad to report that they all seem decent or better overall.  There’s also a bunch of OVAs like Spice and Wolf that’ll be premiering at some point, so things look good.  Three series that stood out to me were Shangri-La, Ristorante Paradiso and Eden of the East for their well-rounded nature.

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