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Summer ’09 Anime: Last Call


Oh god, I’ve been letting Expo Expo dust over. D:  All the series that aren’t continuing on into the fall season are over now,  and I think Summer ’09 was one of the better seasons for a large quantity of quality shows, which is in stark contrast with the “meh”-ness of the current fall shows.  Spoilers ahead obviously…

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Anime Update: Rough Draft Style


Oh man, if there’s one thing I’ll miss about living on campus it’s having reliable internet access.  Right now my housemates and I are trying to get it up and properly functioning, so I’ll make this quick before my wireless decides to cut out again.  This will also let me get in a couple words on some series that I don’t make constant posts about.

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Spice & Wolf II – Episode 2


Not to be a sourpuss, but isn’t it pretty barbaric that Horo’s wearing a fox fur?  I know they’re two different species, but it feels like that’d be the equivalent of me walking around with a necklace of dead babies around my neck.  They’re both four legged and furry but I guess small foxes just aren’t in the same league of respect as house-sized wolves.  This episode we’re also introduced to Dean/Deanna, who has to live in the slums since the Church outlaws alchemy/magic/anything that requires thinking outside the box.  She’s pretty smart so hopefully she’ll show up in further episodes.

Summer 2009: Bakemonogatari, CAANAN, Princess Lover, Spice & Wolf II, Taisho Yakyuu Musume


Oh Horo, this scene made me laugh out loud.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do individual posts on these shows since I’ll be away till next Wednesday, so let’s go over these rough draft style:

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AMV Mashup: Wolf Like Her

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Wolf Like Her “, posted with vodpod

Sometimes I get bored, so I fill time by making random little AMVs.  Of course they’re mildly craptastic since all I have is iMovie to put stuff together, but it’s all about the spirit of the work, right?  Right.  Anyhow, I actually made this AMV a couple months ago, but Youtube and Dailymotion are dropping the copyright cleaver lately and it took a while to find a good streaming site.  Imeem looks like it’ll be a safe haven (for now).  The mini ads are a bit of a pain, but you can close them and I guess it’s a small price to pay.

I made Wolf Like Her after listening to and watching the music video of “Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio.  Spice and Wolf works pretty well with the song and Horo would certainly be a rock goddess if they had guitars back in those days.  This video has spoilers for the entire first season, so beware.  Here’s to looking forward to season 2 in the spring!