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Summer ’09 Anime: Last Call


Oh god, I’ve been letting Expo Expo dust over. D:  All the series that aren’t continuing on into the fall season are over now,  and I think Summer ’09 was one of the better seasons for a large quantity of quality shows, which is in stark contrast with the “meh”-ness of the current fall shows.  Spoilers ahead obviously…

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Anime Update: Rough Draft Style


Oh man, if there’s one thing I’ll miss about living on campus it’s having reliable internet access.  Right now my housemates and I are trying to get it up and properly functioning, so I’ll make this quick before my wireless decides to cut out again.  This will also let me get in a couple words on some series that I don’t make constant posts about.

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Summer 2009: Bakemonogatari, CAANAN, Princess Lover, Spice & Wolf II, Taisho Yakyuu Musume


Oh Horo, this scene made me laugh out loud.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to do individual posts on these shows since I’ll be away till next Wednesday, so let’s go over these rough draft style:

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