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Gurren Lagann: School Version


Gainax has a habit of milking their cash cows when they make a successful series, and Gurren Lagann is no exception.  I find Gurren Gakuen kind of hilarious because the various Chan imageboards were concocting this scenario long before any news came out.  I think I liked their plots better but Gainax’s version is more like a placeholder to keep people interested in the series and its recent movie.


The character designs are alright and sensible for the most part, with Kamina as the standard school misfit and Nia as Principal Genome’s “princess” daughter.  But a couple of things were akward to me.  I get that Yoko is supposed to be the big-boobed sex symbol, but does she really need to go braless with a shirt like that?  It’s not even the skank effect that bothers me; it’s the fact that I know the pure uncomfortability that would come from wearing something like that.  Secondly, Viral deserves to be more than Genome’s butler-servant.  He should be Kamina’s yankee rival or a goody-two shoes student at the school.


I did however enjoy the personality add-on to Genome.  He’s still a tough guy on the surface, but he also has otaku levels of adoration for Nia.  I loved how Nia shivered unconsciously at the thought of him bawling over him; it’s probably happens a lot.