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Mouryou no Hako – Episode 1

I finally got around to watching this after it’s sat on my desktop for a week or so.  Mouryou no Hako falls into the horror/mystery genre, and there certainly are more questions than answers that have arisen.  For instance, the opening scene features a man (who reminds me of the Happy Mask Salesman from LoZ:MM) and a woman’s decapitated head that apparently still lives.  But the rest of the episode dives off into a yuri-orientated wonderland.

I’m pretty sure that anyone else in their right mind would have avoided Kanako (left side), but Yoriko (right) seems to have a few screws loose in her head too.  I’m guessing that her hatred towards her mom’s looks and dating habits helped her start walking off the plank.

Kanako’s one of those people that seem really awesome on the surface, but are a complete trainwreck on the inside.  It’s one thing to enjoy myths and folklore, but another to actually believe that you’re a part of it.  I love the tidbit on perspiration being one of the signs that a goddess is going to die.  You’d think it’d be a bit more dramatic than that.  As for the whole reincarnation/I-am-you-and-you-are-me bit, I think that would be awesome to experience as long as you retained your memories from each past life cycle.  But I think Kanako’s just batshit crazy and had no special powers whatsoever.

CLAMP has moved on from Code Geass to do the character designs of this series.  I only wish their ACTUAL series got the production quality that Mouryou no Hako does.  Though, the scene with the huge moon and pounds of cherry blossoms floating through the air was way too CG’ed.

I love how Yoriko said she would be fine if Kanako was the one to kill her, but then got this “Wait, are you actually going to do it?” face as Kanako’s fingers tightened.  Not so romantic now, is it?!

So… Kanako killed herself (or was killed by Yoriko) over a stupid pimple?  Was she like, “Uh oh, startin’ to get ugly.  Better switch lives again!”?