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New Inuyasha Anime Announced

InuYasha and Kagome 7

Wow, how did I miss this news?  A new TV sequel titled Inuyasha Kenketsu-hen will air this fall and cover volumes from the manga that were not previously animated.  And like a true falcon, Viz Media in the U.S. has already licensed it.  I have no doubt that they’re just waiting to pounce on fansubbers with C&D emails, but Inuyasha is their cash cow so it’s not surprising.  It’s odd that they waited so long to announce this though, given that it could generate plenty of hype since it’s well known.  At the very least I’ll give this sequel a shot when it comes out, and hopefully it won’t fall into the same dialogue/plot ditches as the first series.  It’s kind of cringe-worthy knowing that this decade will be overwhelmed with another tidal wave of fans who will feed Hot Topic’s belly by getting (and wearing) as much merchandise as possible.  I have fond memories with this series and it was one of the first anime shows that I really got into, but that doesn’t mean I feel comradery when I see a teen or adult in the mall with an Inuyasha T-shirt on.  Bad fashion is bad fashion.