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The Other Shelf: Real Drive (RD Sennou Chousashitsu)

I finally finished the second half of this series after putting it on hold from the summer.  Real Drive has a lot of stand-alone episodes and techno-babble that glazes your eyes over if you watch a lot of it in a short period of time.  However, the final half is very well done and I’m glad that I came back around to watch it.  For those unfamiliar with the plot: Real Drive is a sci-fi drama by Production I.G that’s set in the mildly distant future in which humans have created a technological network called the Metal.  In this network, people can enter a world that satisfies their deepest desires and wants.  At the same time, scientists are pushing the Metal to extents that rival the power of nature.  I made a short little promo that showcases some of the anime’s characters and animation (see above video, go to Ytube page for higher quality).

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