Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Episode 3


“On the second night, the ones who remain tear up the two who get close…”



Hm, aren’t Eva and Hideyoshi’s deaths a deviation from Beatrice’s second night prophecy?  Beforehand I imagined that the two who would be killed would do something that would send all the others into a killing frenzy.  Besides, they weren’t really torn up.  A knife to the head is a lot more clean than what happened to the first six victims.  If anything their deaths are more like the fourth night prophecy: “Gouge the head and kill”.  Oh well, maybe that’s just a difference between the manga and the anime or it could just be a mistranslation from the scans I read.  One thing’s certain: you’re definitely going to die if you have a sweet heartfelt moment earlier in the episode.


I couldn’t help but laugh at Battler’s reasoning for Kinzo’s disappearance.  With all the money Kinzo has you’d think he’d have a secret exit rather than hiding under a table like a three year old.  But golf clap for Battler telling off Maria (even though he’s probably wrong about Beatrice’s existence).  If they aren’t going to kill off Maria, I’m happy enough for someone to kick a hole through her witch ramblings.



Whenever the Bible’s in an anime series, you can bet some messed up stuff is going to show up.  Kind of odd for a witch to be calling on a Christian god for revival, but whatever.  As for guesses on the killer(s), right now I’d say Genji, Kumasawa, Maria or a 19th person/Beatrice.  Kanon’s out cause he would have gone after Natsuhi if anyone because he blames her for Shannon’s death.  The three teens are the “good” guys out of the entire group, and the doctor’s got his own cholesterol to worry about than killing.  Eva and her husband’s murders are special since the chain link on their door was locked the entire time, meaning someone got in through either the window, a secret entrance or with supernatural methods.


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4 responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Episode 3

  • Taiyaki

    “Besides, they weren’t really torn up. A knife to the head is a lot more clean than what happened to the first six victims.”

    I believe the actual meaning of ‘tear up’ in this sentence “On the second night, the ones who remain tear up the two who get close…” is probably something along the lines of “to be separated by force”. In any case, looking at it from an anti-fantasy perspective, the witch’s epitaph isn’t supposed to be a ‘prophecy’ of any sorts, but rather a riddle meant to show the location of Kinzo’s hidden gold.

    Also, the muder weapon wasn’t a knife.

  • Veldril

    As long as there’s a possibility for certain events to happen, you cannot not deny that certain events. Even you don’t have a proof that something exist, that doesn’t mean that thing does not exist.

    This is the Devil’s Proof

  • Liz

    “On the second night, the ones who remain tear up the two who get close…”

    I think it meant the term of two people who are close who are torn apart by death (i.e. until death do us part)

  • DukeDuek

    I am intrigued by this show so far. I have no doubts that it might be the grandfather or some bastard child committing these murders. I have watched episode 4 as well and there are only a few people left. 5 remain so the new theory was a fake corpse.

    I’m not sure how the remaining 5 including the little psycho are going to survive the rest of the season /series with 13 murders in 4 episodes. We are in for a treat at the of this I’m sure.

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