Guin Saga – Episode 14 & 15


I approve of this couple about 98%, but there’s still that 2% that’s skeeved out by the age difference.  I guess it’s not a big deal since I’d rather see Rinda with Istovan than see her with Aldo Naris, and I don’t think would do anything ~physical~ with her until she’s older.  Well I hope at least.  It’s really a wonder that Guin didn’t come back right as they were going to kiss.  I was sure he would appear in the sunrise, rising out of the ocean in his full c**kblocking glory.  It’s sad cause Guin’s not even trying to get in the way.  Rinda’s relationship with Guin is akin to any Twilight fanatic’s infatuation with Robert P, but hopefully she’ll grow out of that now.


The boat of light looks like a cross between a Dratini and a Rapidash to me…


And here we have my first inductee into the Pompous Twat Club.  I don’t know if he’s possessed or just full of himself.  The combination of the new deeper voice, his annoying facial expressions and his bossy attitude is driving me crazy.  I thought when he picked up the sword to fight the pirates that he’d own up to all the smack he’s been saying, but he’s just talk.  We’ll see how much longer he talks shit before Guin flings him halfway across the ocean.  Better yet, just leave him by himself and see how resourceful he really is.


So awkward.  What a gentleman to chill out there while his sister and comrades were knocked out.  Oh, and the art quality was all over the place in Episode 15.  It always seems like poor budgeting when a series can’t keep a moderately steady grade of quality.


Astrias truly is the Charlie Brown of this series.  Always in lame situations like losing battles, getting drugged and being taken advantage of by deceitful sorcerers.  I’d pity him if he weren’t so full of himself in regards to owning Amnelis’s soul heart.


I started a lengthy post about the position of women in this series (with a lot of it centering around Amnelis), but I’ve decided to hold off until the anime is finished.  Even then it might not match up to the original “full” story of the novels that span 130 volumes.  I quote full because Kaoru Kurimoto passed away this year, and she only stopped writing new material when she became too sick.  Anyhow, this relationship has all kinds of dysfunctions and Naris is perfect example of how disgusting a handsome guy can be.  After seeing how Naris was eyeing his female knight, I highly doubt that he really loves Amnelis.


One thing I will comment on now is how there’s been such emphasis that Amnelis wasn’t feminine enough, yet now Aldo Naris is praising his female knight.  It also just happens that Naris’s knight is largely subservient and willing to let her body be used.  I hope that Amnelis can keep her position and realize that she doesn’t have to give up power to obtain love.


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